ReActive offers a new approach to movement that treats each client as an individual with a unique blueprint.

Every body is different in its shape and structure. Much like DNA, our bodies show where we come from and what experiences we have had along the way.

At ReActive, we work closely with each client to design a movement program specific to their needs, and to develop proper alignment, balance, and muscle recruitment for optimum health and performance throughout life. Read More >>


Body Harmonics
Instructor Training

Matwork Intensive Course starts Oct. 17, 2014.
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Pilates &
Therapeutic Exercise

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ReActive News

We've moved!
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2064 Antioch Court, Unit C, Oakland CA

Pilates and Therapeutic Exercise

Private one-on-one movement sessions. Small group classes to ensure individual attention. Certified Movement & Rehabilitation Specialist develops and instructs all sessions.  Programs include a combination of dynamic mat exercises using a variety of small equipment, and more challenging appartus exercises using the Pilates Reformer and Combo Chair. For fitness or rehabilitation, we have something for EVERY BODY. Located within Montclair Village Pilates in Oakland, California.